Keep Your Lawn Looking Pristine

Keep Your Lawn Looking Pristine

Leave the wood removal to us in Nerstrand, MN

No one we know gets a thrill from yard clean up. Why not rely on Flom Tree to do that grueling lawn work for you? You can call us for one-time service or schedule a regular time each week for us to take care of your lawn.

Keeping your lawn neatly trimmed makes it safer to walk through and nicer to look at. And you won’t even have to lift a finger—we’ll take care of all the lawn work. Just pull up a lawn chair, pour yourself a drink and enjoy a neatly trimmed yard. We can do anything from brush mowing, debris hauling, yard clean up, clearing areas of small trees, clearing out property lines, hauling, wood removal and more.

Contact us today to set up our services in Nerstrand, MN.

Clean up your landscaping with bush removal

Don’t let your yard become overgrown with shrubbery you don’t want. Call Flom Tree for bush removal services. We’ll uproot and remove any bushes on your property that you’re ready to be rid of.

Unruly bushes can serve as breeding grounds for bugs and other pests in your garden. They can also make it more difficult for cultivated plants to flourish. We’ll stop your flowerbed from turning into a jungle.

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