Tree Removal

Trust Us to Tear Down Your Trees

We specialize in large tree removal services in Nerstrand, MN

Large tree removal work might be daunting to other tree removal companies in the Nerstrand, MN area, but not to Flom Tree. You can count on us to take down any tree no matter how big it is. We take every safety precaution, and we’ll leave the area free of debris when we’re done.

We can remove trees for any reason, such as:

  • The tree is dead, damaged or diseased.
  • Your yard is constantly littered with leaves and needles.
  • Roots are encroaching on your driveway.
  • Your view is blocked by limbs.
  • Trees on your property are overcrowded.
cutting down a dead tree

We do provide shrub and small tree removal work

Diseases and insect infestations can start in one tree and spread to other trees in the area. If left unchecked, this can devastate neighborhoods and even whole regions.

Small tree removal can stop this kind of plague in its tracks. As soon as you realize a tree on your property has become infected, call Flom Tree immediately so we can remove the tree. It will save your yard as well as other trees in the neighborhood.

Schedule small tree removal services in Nerstrand, MN right away to prevent a natural catastrophe.

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